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Journey’s Genesis – Part 1

A Picture of a eBook

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First galley proof of A la recherche du temps ...

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Actually, the journey to the center of an e-book began in 2007. But courage and time failed. So, of course, we jump in now, just as everyone else is jumping in! That means, to our mind, that we had the right idea all along – clearly!

Since courage was still in short supply, education came first. Now, our valiant CEO/Managing Director/Valued Author/General Factotum, Anahi, had worked in publishing before. She understood the lingo. But when it came time to build an entire book, from manuscript to layout and cover design, to marketing (still a tough spot, the marketing), she realized that she had no real idea where to begin. She has translated many textbooks and even a history, non-fiction volume. She has edited many more. She has worked on manuscripts. She has worked on galley proofs. She has seen – back in the old days – the camera ready layout boards. She even worked on a few. But she knew the industry in bits and pieces. So, we did what anyone would do, and sought out people who were already engaged in doing it all; that’s how we found SPAN: the Small Publishers Association. What a godsend!

First piece of great advice: Bowker and buying ISBNs. In June 2011 Language Development Company, LLC bought its first block of ISBNs (only 10, but you’ve got to start somewhere!)…even before we knew what we were going to publish first. Even before we had a manuscript. And definitely before we had the notion that our first effort should be a straight-to-ebook one. But, that made us feel like real, true, official publishers!