Multilingual communication in a digital world

For our English-speaking friends, this is a Spanish-expression meaning “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” but, literally, “sarna” is an itchy skin disease and the expression says that a “sarna” that you like/enjoy doesn’t itch!




Comments on: "Sarna con gusto no pica" (4)

  1. Sarna es la enfermedad. Mayormente le da a los perros. I would not buy something with that name since it will remind me of the illness, not the cure!

    • langdevco said:

      @Vivian, I know. But, in a sick way, I still find this funny! I don’t blame you for your reaction, though! Thanks for commenting so honestly! Please, keep reading and following and, of course, commenting!

  2. Maria Carmen King said:

    La sarna no la cogen los perros solamente porque las personas las cogen tambien. Sin embargo si lo traduces literalmente suena divertido.

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