Multilingual communication in a digital world

To the center of an e-book

So, LDC, LLC bought its first block of 10 ISBNs. Next, the manuscript. Seed ideas abounded, mainly for non-fiction titles. The marketing education was very informative and became distilled into one thought: packaging one’s own experience. So, our intrepid Anahi took stock of her professional past:  accidental interpreter and translator (a happy accident got her started on a successful 17+ year career), software localization de-bugging expert, editor for various manuscripts (particularly textbooks), career-changer, public school educator, back full-circle (like all good comedies!) to language services expert. Then, she thought about her current life and interests: single parent, later-life parent, good friend, philanthropist and volunteer at heart, avid reader, dancer, and world traveler. Wow! There was lots of fodder for content!

How did solar stories win out? Anahi became the primary caregiver for her ailing mother, while still working full-time, and raising a child. This entailed

Midnight Snowwaiting until midnight for night-shift nurses, handling dinner, homework,  and medical care duties until then. The drive home was only 15 minutes, but her child routinely fell into a deep sleep and was difficult to wake to get into their own home and bed. So, on one midnight drive, Anahi asked: Would you like to hear the story of how the most beautiful woman in the world started a war that lasted ten years? (Of course, everyone

English: Helen of Troy

Image via Wikipedia

reading this is now saying, “Yes! Helen of Troy! The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships!”) That story, told over a week’s worth of midnight drives, launched the begging for Anahi’s particular re-tellings of the ancient Greek myths, and included an expanded audience of child’s cousins and friends…all mysteriously rapt by the traditional stories of action, adventure, jealous gods, heroes, and heroines.

That is how, eventually, LDC, LLC decided on writing these down and creating similar-themed collections of myths and legends. Re-packaging was the message from self- and independent-publishing marketing gurus. So, why not take advantage of this thirst for the foundational myths of Western literature (and for “Solar Stories” one Chinese myth); the myths that inform the literary genius of Rick Riordan and J.K. Rowling? The idea: put them together in short volumes of single categories, e.g., myths about the Sun, or involving the Sun in some way…or, LDC’s “Solar Stories!” 

Why e-books? Are children ages 6-10 reading on Kindles and Nook now? This is the exciting question to be answered in our next post! Please stay tuned! And, thanks for waiting patiently during our brief blogging hiatus!


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